Tips for the best business stationery

We can imagine that you’re serious about making the most of your business brand across all media formats, so you’ll know that quality business stationery printing is one area that cannot be ignored. A snappy website and seamless online experience are great achievements, but we overlook the personal touch of physical branded stationery at our peril. For one, its personal. Your clients know that the branded letters, compliment slips and envelopes they receive are born out of the professional relationship you share. They represent your professional services and show them that you care.

Just so you know we care about your business success in this area, we’ve gathered our top tips for business stationery to ensure professional excellence.

1.Keep it simple

Why do we continue to send personalised cards or invitations for special occasions like weddings? Because they are personal to us. Your business is also your personal endeavour, so you owe it to yourself to present the personal side of your business, to show clients that they are important to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to go over board. Business stationery printing is about establishing your brand. Include a small logo, simple graphics and clear contact information to encourage clients to get in touch, even via social media or email. This is not a marketing campaign – if done right, your branded stationery will present a refined, professional and personal touch.

2.Colour is key

Maintain a sophisticated professionalism in your physical communications by also choosing simple colours. Your brand and your colour choice is key to representing a consistent and efficient service. Subtle graphics and a simple colour scheme will underpin the stationery but won’t overpower or become garish alongside the written information being conveyed. Business card printing can be designed more boldly in that they are a marketing and communications hybrid and are not intended to be written on. However, we suggest that they still adhere to a simple branding colour pallet for the sake of clarity. Quality compliment slip printing and letterhead printing is what we do best, so we recommend that you maintain the same premium paper stock across all of your stationery items in order to present them all as a single consistent set.

3.Include a business slogan or strapline

Is your business slogan or strapline integral to your business communications? Why not include it on to a distinctive envelope printing selection so that your clients know who they are receiving post from even before they’ve opened the letter? This is a great way of advertising your business to those who might read and identify your business slogan by chance, enroute to its final destination.

4.Use quality paper

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. Consistent branding is underpinned by utilising the same quality paper stock across the set of stationery items your business sends out to its customers. We stock a variety of premium quality paper and card for your purposes and budget, with great quality print production and final finishes to exhibit the best of your brand to existing and future customers.


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