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Printed promotional materials

Promotional printing plays a massive role in businesses marketing and advertising campaigns. Even in this digital age, the role and influence of print marketing should not be under-estimated. Most businesses spend both time and money on their marketing campaigns and materials and there are many advertising vehicles available with many businesses utilising the modern, digital options. There is, however, still demand for, and value in, more ‘traditional’ marketing tools. For instance, promotional printing, with many printed marketing materials being hugely effective in boosting both your business and promoting your brand name and image.

What is Print Marketing?

The term print marketing refers to any physically printed media used to advertise a business through reaching its’ target audience. There are many established and recognised forms of print marketing. For example flyers, posters, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and more. These marketing materials have proven effective over decades and continue to be so. Even in the face of the new digital technologies and advertising platforms.

Here are some of the printed materials available at a typical print shop in London:

Brochures and Flyers are a quick and easy marketing tool

The long-standing and established marketing tools of printed flyers and brochures continue to have a positive impact as advertising vehicles. Even against today’s more modern marketing vehicles of social media and online technology. Printed flyers and brochures always generate a good return if promoting an event or special deal. Or just simply in boosting your brand awareness. Flyers are a great marketing tool for relaying minimal information and detail. Whilst printed brochures are better vehicles for relaying greater content about your business, products, and services to potential customers.

Use posters for large scale eye catching advertising

Displaying a poster with a bold design and image will draw immediate attention from passers-by. Everyone who sees your poster is a potential client or customer! Printed posters are effective marketing vehicles as they can be placed in many different locations. Such as your business premises or displayed to a wider audience through poster boards or advertising hoardings.

Every business should have business cards

The very first item of marketing your potential customer or client will receive from you is often your printed business card. So now imagine how important it is that it makes a good impression! It also acts as a reminder of your meeting and your business and can often be the prompt for the customer to follow up your initial meeting. Always carry business cards with you – you never know, either professionally or socially, when there will be an opportunity to meet people and introduce yourself!

Envelopes and Letterheads create a professional brand appearance

Printed personalized business stationery, such as letterheads and envelopes, look professional and project an image of credibility and quality – people who receive the letters will associate those qualities with the services or products that you provide them with.

Aside from the actual printed marketing products, here are some reasons you should be considering cheap printing services from an online print shop in Central London:

Printed promotional materials complement an online strategy

You can use printed promotional materials alongside any digital marketing tools your company utilizes to run the most effective marketing or advertising campaigns. A big advantage of the print marketing is that it remains with the consumer as a regular and permanent reminder of your company and product or service. Any advertising campaign your business runs should make use of all available marketing outlets – and promotional printing can be highly effective alongside digital advertising as it can reach a different demographic.

Layer your approach for additional brand recognition

Promotional printing has a proven success in establishing and reinforcing brand recognition. As brand recognition and awareness is probably the most important aspect of marketing and advertising, then it is easy to see why your business should be including promotional printing in any marketing campaign you conduct – speak to your local print shop in London to get the best advice and guidance on promotional printing for your business.


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