The advantages of wire bound brochures and booklets

what are the benefits of wire bound booklet printing? image of spiral bound / wiro bound notebook on pale wood desk by Tirachard Kumtanom via

Have you heard of Wiro Binding? You’ve probably held a book, brochure or notepad with one before. Utilising a continuous spiral of wire to coil through one edge of hole-punched pages, Wiro or spiral binding is an effective and popular way to bind publications. Here are just a few benefits to wire bound booklet printing.  

1. They can lie flat  

Originating in the 1940’s, this binding method is versatile in that it can be used to bind numerous book sizes with the added advantage of being able to lie flat on a table or one’s lap. Unlike a saddle stitched binding, wire bound booklet printing separates the pages through which it is bound, flattening the document’s front and back covers onto the surface without damaging the spine or causing it to spring closed. This is particularly useful for brochures or business presentations where many people might be viewing the document at the same time. 

2. They can be folded back on themselves 

For added versatility, wire bound booklet printing gives users the option to fold the book back on itself. This is particularly useful for instruction manuals when reading along hands-free, as they won’t close by themselves even when folded back flat. Just put them on a desk and you’ll be able to refer to them while you get on with your tasks with no hassles. Even when flicking through page after page, the book will always lie flat. 

3. They can be double sided or single sided 

Because of the way that Wiro binding works, spiral binding makes effective publications in both double-sided or single-sided formats. Double-sided books will benefit the most from being able to be laid flat, as we’ve discussed already. We can advise on the optimum page borders for printing so that space is provided for the spiral spine down the middle of two pages, and you’ve got a great product that is easy to use. You can also choose between a hard or soft cover depending on the look and feel that you’re after.  

4. Can be any number of pages 

Unlike other binding methods which need to be multiples of four, Wiro binding is easy to design, print and publish. No page counting here! With different spiral sizes and colours available to suit thin or thicker documents, wire bound booklet printing will give you a cost-effective way to present your document or booklet. There are also numerous page sizes and orientations to provide you with the right format that you need. From A6, A5 and A4 pages, to DL bound brochure printing, DL Graphics is your choice of print shop in central London. 

From formal business documents down to the humble note pad, spiral bound books have been around for nearly 100 years. We know how versatile they are to use and that they are cost-effective to produce. Let us guide you through the process of finishing your next print run with spiral binding. We recommend Wiro binding for all sorts of publications, so don’t miss your next opportunity to use this ingenious way to present your next printing project. 


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