Top Tips For Letterhead Printing Central London

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All professional businesses will have their own branded stationery for use with clients and suppliers – and you should never underestimate the importance of the quality of that stationery! Often it may be the first aspect of your business that a potential client or customer will see, so it is vital that it makes the right impression and conveys your business in a positive light. Here are some tips for designing and creating a professional image for your corporate letterhead printing and all your business stationery:

Letterhead Design 

Your letterhead design will likely be used on all your business stationery – letters, invoices, business cards as well as your marketing materials such as flyers, banners, posters and even on your corporate website and social media platforms! It should always contain your company name, all contact details, company registration details and, where relevant, a brand logo.


It is important to keep the design simple – the details mentioned above displayed in the company colours and style. Consider the size of the lettering and images, and how it would best look on the different stationery items you employ and adapt accordingly for the best, professional appearance.


You want your company to be instantly recognisable and different from any competitors, so it may be a clever move to have your business stationery watermarked. The faint image displaying your company logo in the background of all your printed correspondence is a smart, subtle way to reinforce your brand without taking up valuable content space from the page, whilst also exuding a professional and quality image of your business.


The most important aspect of any font you choose for your letterhead printing is that it is easy to read! If you want to create an aesthetic that looks professional and stylish, then your lettering must be clear, concise and have a bit of ‘personality’ as such – this will make your message and brand easier to convey to your customers.


Choose a colour that typifies your corporate brand – using the colours and lettering style that you use for your company marketing and advertising materials helps create a consistency and a recognisable image for customers and business partners alike. If you want to portray your business as one of professionalism and ‘calmness’ then darker colours, like black and navy blue, will help create that image. Alternatively, if your business is more flamboyant, say marketing agency, events and party planning, and such, then choose brighter and ‘boisterous’ colours like reds, oranges and yellows! These images automatically create a picture subconsciously for your target market!


Consistency is again the key with the style and format of your letterhead printing – a consistent aesthetic creates a professional and cohesive look for all your printed business correspondence and documentation portraying your business as a ‘high-end’, quality company. This professional look helps attract new clients and retain existing business – it gives the impression that yours is a company that values quality – if your printed stationery is professional and smart, clients will assume that your products and services are of the same quality!


Your letterhead will always look better printed on quality materials – choose a high-level brand of paper for your corporate printing and choose an experienced print company to produce your stationery. DL Graphics Ltd are an established and well-respected professional print company that produces some of the most professional, quality letterhead printing Central London has to offer – they will accommodate all your corporate stationery requirements to the highest level!


5 Helpful Tips For Producing An Annual Report 

All companies produce annual reports detailing their progress, or otherwise, over the previous year – they are important formal documents that inform staff, shareholders, investors, external analysts, and customers of how a business is performing and its financial wellbeing. Here are some tips as to what to include and how to present your company’s Annual Report 

Report Content

  • Opening Letter Often from the company chairman, this is an open letter to inform people of the chair’s view of the significant developments of the previous financial year, company initiatives, and a brief overview of the financial position of the business. 
  • Business Profile This should include any corporate mission statement, details of directors and company officers, the registered offices, the products and/or services of the business, and competitor profiles and projected risk factors.
  • Management Analysis Usually contains an overview of previous company performance over recent years and details of profit margins, sales, and income. This section may detail any recent business acquisitions and any other relevant information that may be of interest to stakeholders. 
  • Financial Statements Probably the most important part of the document is the financial statements – these figures document the company progress or otherwise. Statements will include a balance sheet, cash flow and income statements, showing whether the company has made profits or losses, and market share prices where relevant, along with any dividends paid. 

Define Key Message

Your document should highlight any corporate accomplishments and their business impact – investors, employees etc will want to know what the company has done and why. 

Finalise Content and Structure

Deciding on the final contents of the report is important – what to include and what to exclude. Ensure the included content tells the whole story of the company performance – use precise and unambiguous writing that projects a professional and unbiased position of the company situation and performance. The content should be an honest reflection of the year’s events.   


A well-designed and professionally printed document can be used as a marketing tool as well as for internal company use – it should be easy to read, engaging and professional. A professionally printed and wire bound brochure or document will present your business as professional and efficient. Use headings and sub-headings, keep the text short and concise, use photographs and graphics where relevant, and use any company colours and logos where possible to highlight your corporate brand. 

Plan In Advance

As with most business strategies, forward planning is essential – creating an Annual Report is a long-term process accumulated over the course of the year. Collate and record relevant detail and evidence as the year progresses – do not wait until the report needs to be produced before starting to source the relevant figures, details, and graphics. 


After designing your layout and finalising the content of your annual report you will need to consider the printing of the document. Decide on the covers for your Annual Report, the font in which you want it to appear, and choose the most appropriate binding to finish your document in a smart and professional way – a wire bound brochure is a popular choice for these documents. You will want to produce a professional document that projects the image of a smart and efficient business, so identify an established print company to produce your document.  


If your company is based in Avon or the surrounding areas, then speak with DL Graphics. They are an established printing company in Bristol who provide high-end printed materials for all businesses – they can provide wire bound booklet printing in Bristol, not only for annual reports, but all manner of wire bound brochures for business use. 



How to leave a lasting memory with customers

branded printed stationery by DL Graphics

Whilst the digital age offers elaborate ways to communicate by email and through numerous devices, we feel that it lacks the finesse and personalisation of printed stationery. Branded printed stationery, whether for business or private use, is such an under appreciated art that we just had to tell you how advantageous your own personalised set of stationery can be.  

Make a lasting first impression

From pens, notebooks, letterheads or envelopes, who you are is what people encounter in custom stationery. It communicates not just who you are, but in what you believe in. Quality, branded stationery puts you at the top of the pile and shows customers and friends that you care about who you are and your relationship together. Not only will your message be remembered, but personalised stationery is a consistent marketing tool that will promote your business through time. Business compliment slip printing is an obvious and well-established method of reinforcing an ongoing business relationship. 

Convenient and stylish  

Whether it’s a quick note or a thank you, personalised communication is enhanced with stationery that is already designed to your personal style and taste. This gives you confidence to write professionally or from the heart, knowing that your message will be well received, and your recipients will appreciate your correspondence. Professional stationery printing in London is as easy as getting in touch with us. 

Timeless gifts  

Giving your friends and business customers keepsake stationery will strengthen your relationship. Well-designed, branded or monikered stationery like notebooks, writing paper and pens are used time and again and will be a reminder of your past, present and future intentions to be available when it counts. 

Keeping it personal 

Friendships can be strengthened by sharing branded printed stationery. Customised notes and cards for different occasions can show your friends that your sentiments are heart-felt and sincere. A hand-written note of thanks, congratulations or condolence, communicated on your own private note paper, will express the genuineness of your relationship and can have a significant impact on how we connect with others. 

Express yourself in variety  

Personalised writing paper, correspondence cards, save-the-date cards, even computer memory sticks with your own brand of design is a great way to express to others that you are intentional about your communications and shows that you can do it with style. Start with one or two items, until you build a whole set of useful custom stationery to suit any occasion. 


DL Graphics are a printing company in London. From concept to client, we at DL Graphics have it covered. Established in 1989, we have been trading and evolving for 32 years, specialising in creative & artwork, print & distribution, and interactive & online. So, if you’re in the market for some branded business stationery, from business cards, complimentary slips, envelopes and letterhead printing in London, or are simply looking for inspiration, our online print shop central London is the place for you! Call us on 020 7242 3337 or email info@dl-graphics.com or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


Tips for the best business stationery

We can imagine that you’re serious about making the most of your business brand across all media formats, so you’ll know that quality business stationery printing is one area that cannot be ignored. A snappy website and seamless online experience are great achievements, but we overlook the personal touch of physical branded stationery at our peril. For one, its personal. Your clients know that the branded letters, compliment slips and envelopes they receive are born out of the professional relationship you share. They represent your professional services and show them that you care.

Just so you know we care about your business success in this area, we’ve gathered our top tips for business stationery to ensure professional excellence.

1.Keep it simple

Why do we continue to send personalised cards or invitations for special occasions like weddings? Because they are personal to us. Your business is also your personal endeavour, so you owe it to yourself to present the personal side of your business, to show clients that they are important to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to go over board. Business stationery printing is about establishing your brand. Include a small logo, simple graphics and clear contact information to encourage clients to get in touch, even via social media or email. This is not a marketing campaign – if done right, your branded stationery will present a refined, professional and personal touch.

2.Colour is key

Maintain a sophisticated professionalism in your physical communications by also choosing simple colours. Your brand and your colour choice is key to representing a consistent and efficient service. Subtle graphics and a simple colour scheme will underpin the stationery but won’t overpower or become garish alongside the written information being conveyed. Business card printing can be designed more boldly in that they are a marketing and communications hybrid and are not intended to be written on. However, we suggest that they still adhere to a simple branding colour pallet for the sake of clarity. Quality compliment slip printing and letterhead printing is what we do best, so we recommend that you maintain the same premium paper stock across all of your stationery items in order to present them all as a single consistent set.

3.Include a business slogan or strapline

Is your business slogan or strapline integral to your business communications? Why not include it on to a distinctive envelope printing selection so that your clients know who they are receiving post from even before they’ve opened the letter? This is a great way of advertising your business to those who might read and identify your business slogan by chance, enroute to its final destination.

4.Use quality paper

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. Consistent branding is underpinned by utilising the same quality paper stock across the set of stationery items your business sends out to its customers. We stock a variety of premium quality paper and card for your purposes and budget, with great quality print production and final finishes to exhibit the best of your brand to existing and future customers.


DL Graphics are a printing company in London. From concept to client, we at DL Graphics have it covered. Established in 1989, we have been trading and evolving for 32 years, specialising in creative & artworkprint & distribution, and interactive & online. So, if you’re in the market for some branded business stationary, from business cards, complimentary slips, envelopes and letterhead printing in London, or are simply looking for inspiration, our online print shop is the place for you! Call us on 02072423337 or email info@dl-graphics.com or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.