5 Reasons To Use A Graphic Designer For Your Branding

From time to time we see business people being tempted to produce in-house marketing materials without employing a professional Graphic Designer. The theory is that they know their business better than anyone, and therefore doing it themselves seems like a time and money saver. After all, sacrificing time towards growing and maintaining clients can only bring rewards, can’t it? When it comes to Business Stationery Printing this philosophy has its pitfalls, as go-it-alone marketing initiatives can often derail at the print stage, failing to produce the expected outcomes or returns on time invested when it all could have been outsourced to a professional.

It might seem time-consuming to consult an external professional about the inner workings of your business, but a Graphic Designer can become an integral business asset who is able to supply regular input into business decisions over time. There are numerous advantages to consider, from their strategic marketing outlook or their overview of design and print technology, to perhaps their knowledge of where to find an established professional print shop in central London to produce your final quality products.

Good Graphic Designers will save you time and money

From brief to final output, Graphic Designers offer a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in the industry to streamline the process, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. From current colour and graphic trends to compiling the look and feel of your company’s unique style, Graphic Designers know the design and marketing process that will produce the outcomes that businesses want and need, without the second guessing, hunches and expensive printing errors of a novice’s first attempt.

A Professional Industry consultation

As new design trends and printing technologies evolve at pace, Graphic Designers will guide you through their knowledge of the most current design and printing options before you commit to a final product. This includes professional consultancy for branding, logos and graphic trends to suit your industry, whilst harnessing established business relationships with professional printers to produce your important branded messaging.

Graphic Designers understand what is current

We see a wide variety of professionally-designed business merchandise at our print shop in central London. While we occasionally receive out of date graphic styles to print, we certainly don’t want your customers to say your marketing material is old-fashioned, and neither do you. Good Graphic Designers know what customers expect and can offer you the expertise to ensure that the quality of your brand and Unique Selling Point is maximised in the marketplace.

Brand-building expertis

A Graphic Designer will ensure that your business message is consistent throughout your marketing strategy. From colour choices, images, words and text fonts that build up your unique brand, you will be guided into a new understanding of how your business marketing strategies all work together. This is to say that marketing is an ongoing process, and having someone to talk to as your business grows can be an ever-present comfort. A Graphic Designer will enable multimedia compatibility, ensuring that your exquisitely-printed marketing material complements your business’s digital presence into the future.

Taking the time to understand your business

As far as business consultancy is concerned, Graphic Designers are an often-overlooked asset in your overall business support network. A Good Graphic Designer will take the time to understand your particular long-term business needs and marketplace position. Not only can you expect and receive quality information and marketing products, engaging a Graphic Designer can also envision and refocus you in your own business marketing journey.

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Outdoor Print Advertising Has a Big Impact on Little Budget

Banner Advertising

Whilst business in general continues to embrace the modern advertising avenues of the internet and social media platforms to promote their company, products and services, the more astute companies are still recognizing the value of more traditional marketing methods – amongst the most effective of these advertising options is print marketing.

Promotional printing continues to have a positive and influential effect on business and is a great option for smaller businesses who may be working on a limited marketing budget – this form of low-cost advertising can produce a healthy return for a small advertising budget.

Here are some forms of outdoor print advertising you should consider for your company marketing:

Banners are versatile and cost effective

Banner printing has always been an effective form of marketing your business. Custom printed banners are great vehicles for highlighting specific events or deals – they are economical to design and print, can be placed outside your business premises or at strategic vantage points to target your potential customers, and can be produced on a range of materials suitable to withstand all the many weather elements this country throws at them!

Banners are easy to put in place and remove when necessary, making them ideal for all-year-round marketing or for shorter, limited periods when required.

Using pavement signs targets passing footfall

Another highly-effective form of promotional printing and marketing is pavement signs – again, easy and cost effective to produce, these signs can be placed directly outside of your business attracting the attention of all the passing footfall.

Pavement signs are ideal for showcasing special offers or new products and, as both sides of the advertising boards can be used, will garner passers-by attention from both directions, allowing you to market your business to a larger number of people.

Posters are ideal for short term promotional use

Perhaps the most commonly-used form of promotional printing, outdoor posters are cheap, easy to produce and extremely versatile. You can keep your poster design simple or, as it can be viewed at close quarters and at a person’s leisure, have it as detailed as you want!

Outdoor posters can be printed in any size and be displayed in a plethora of different forms. The only drawback, perhaps, of this form of print marketing is that the posters are largely printed on paper and are, therefore, not as durable as other print marketing options. This may not make them practical for a sustained marketing campaign, but makes them ideal for short, direct advertising of sales, promotions, and special offers!

Flags are a great way to promote your brand and logo

Promotional printing vehicles such as flags are great for reinforcing your brand in the publics’ mind – printed flags are made from sturdy weather-proof materials so are ideal for promoting your business for long periods. It is best to keep your flag design simple as they are designed to be seen from distance, so making any text as short as possible will help – but flag printing is ideal for displaying your company logo and brand colours!

For ease of use and something unexpected, consider stickers

Another, sometimes overlooked and underestimated, form of print marketing is promotional stickers. They are easy to produce and a flexible and versatile form of promotional printing in that they can be placed just about anywhere – lamp posts, pavements, windows and, in many cases, as printed decals on cars and other vehicles! They are easy to affix and just as easy to remove, so can be moved from place to place and regularly replace and swapped.

Consider your marketing locations carefully

Whichever form, or forms, of promotional printing your business opts for, the main consideration for the best return is placement – ensure you choose the best and most appropriate locations for your print marketing campaign.

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From concept to client, we at DL Graphics have it covered. Established in 1989, we have been trading and evolving for 32 years, specialising in creative & artworkprint & distribution, and interactive & online. So, if you’re in the market for some new posters, print marketing or are simply looking for inspiration, we would love to help! Call us on 02072423337 or email info@dl-graphics.com or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.