Top Tips For Letterhead Printing Central London

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All professional businesses will have their own branded stationery for use with clients and suppliers – and you should never underestimate the importance of the quality of that stationery! Often it may be the first aspect of your business that a potential client or customer will see, so it is vital that it makes the right impression and conveys your business in a positive light. Here are some tips for designing and creating a professional image for your corporate letterhead printing and all your business stationery:

Letterhead Design 

Your letterhead design will likely be used on all your business stationery – letters, invoices, business cards as well as your marketing materials such as flyers, banners, posters and even on your corporate website and social media platforms! It should always contain your company name, all contact details, company registration details and, where relevant, a brand logo.


It is important to keep the design simple – the details mentioned above displayed in the company colours and style. Consider the size of the lettering and images, and how it would best look on the different stationery items you employ and adapt accordingly for the best, professional appearance.


You want your company to be instantly recognisable and different from any competitors, so it may be a clever move to have your business stationery watermarked. The faint image displaying your company logo in the background of all your printed correspondence is a smart, subtle way to reinforce your brand without taking up valuable content space from the page, whilst also exuding a professional and quality image of your business.


The most important aspect of any font you choose for your letterhead printing is that it is easy to read! If you want to create an aesthetic that looks professional and stylish, then your lettering must be clear, concise and have a bit of ‘personality’ as such – this will make your message and brand easier to convey to your customers.


Choose a colour that typifies your corporate brand – using the colours and lettering style that you use for your company marketing and advertising materials helps create a consistency and a recognisable image for customers and business partners alike. If you want to portray your business as one of professionalism and ‘calmness’ then darker colours, like black and navy blue, will help create that image. Alternatively, if your business is more flamboyant, say marketing agency, events and party planning, and such, then choose brighter and ‘boisterous’ colours like reds, oranges and yellows! These images automatically create a picture subconsciously for your target market!


Consistency is again the key with the style and format of your letterhead printing – a consistent aesthetic creates a professional and cohesive look for all your printed business correspondence and documentation portraying your business as a ‘high-end’, quality company. This professional look helps attract new clients and retain existing business – it gives the impression that yours is a company that values quality – if your printed stationery is professional and smart, clients will assume that your products and services are of the same quality!


Your letterhead will always look better printed on quality materials – choose a high-level brand of paper for your corporate printing and choose an experienced print company to produce your stationery. DL Graphics Ltd are an established and well-respected professional print company that produces some of the most professional, quality letterhead printing Central London has to offer – they will accommodate all your corporate stationery requirements to the highest level!