How To Make Your Compliment Slips Memorable

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Companies use many different forms of printed stationery in the marketing and advertising aspects of their business, one of the most popular items being the compliment slip. They are used mainly as a simple acknowledgement of thanks to a customer or client for a purchase or service rendered, or as an appreciation to staff members for loyalty or hard work. Showing appreciation and thanks to your customers is an important part of your business and using compliment slips is a great way to convey and demonstrate this and to build loyalty and encourage future business with your customers. Here are some of the benefits and uses of printed compliment slips: 

Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are basically just as it sounds – slips of paper containing “thank you” or compliments! Businesses use them to show appreciation or gratitude to a host of different people involved with the business – customers, clients, suppliers, employees, and such. Printed compliment slips will be headed with the company branding and contain relevant contact details for the business – address, telephone numbers, email address, website access and any social media platform access that the company utilises. Underneath the contact information is a blank space for someone to write a personal message or note for the intended recipient. Compliment slips can be printed in different colours, sizes, shapes, or designs – whatever best suits the image, brand, and ethos of the company.   

Benefits of Compliment Slips

Compliment slip printing is an affordable, cost-effective business stationery option – simple slips of paper can be printed in-house in most cases but, for a professional and high-end quality, better produced by an established print company versed in business stationery printing.  Quality complimentary slips can add a professional and class touch to your business whilst at the same time presenting a ‘human’ and personal element to your business exchanges. Usually included alongside another business document being relayed to a client or customer they are easy to use and distribute – likewise they are lightweight and portable so useful marketing tools to have at any business conference or convention at which your company may be being represented. Everybody likes to feel valued and printed compliment slips are an easy and effective way to relay that appreciation to clients or other business associates and suppliers. 

Common Uses

Including compliment slips with a customer order being dispatched, or simply undertaking a marketing mailshot including compliment slips are effective uses of these versatile printed stationery items. You can utilise compliment slips within your own business to acknowledge employees for specific tasks or performance – it is as important to recognise and appreciate your own staff as it is for customers and clients! 


You can include as much or as little on a compliment slip as you think appropriate – there is no set format as to the content! It may be a simple, quick note of thanks or you can include in detail the specific act you are thanking them for – just so long as the note is personal the recipient will appreciate the time taken to write it! Whilst getting your compliment slips professionally printed to look smart, it is essential that the actual message is hand-written and personal. Typically, an example may be: 

 “Thank you, Mr Smith, for your recent order placed with ourselves. Your business is very much appreciated, and we hope you were happy with your product – if there is any way we can assist you in the future with a similar order or, indeed, an alternative product, then please just let us know and we will endeavour to help in any way.” 

It is appropriate to issue compliment slips when someone else compliments your business, products, services, or staff, or perhaps when a customer places a particularly lucrative order – it is even appropriate to issue a compliment slip when an existing client closes their account with you – a note of appreciation for previous business adds a professional and classy touch (and may even encourage the client to rethink their decision!).  

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