The Advantages Of Flyer Printing

The business world is awash with different options and avenues to advertise your company products and market your services – especially in this digital age of online advertising and the many social media platforms of which to take advantage to boost your corporate brand and presence. Despite the digital options, many of the more ‘traditional’ marketing and advertising tools are still massively effective though – including leaflet and flyer printing! Here are some aspects and advantages of flyer printing for you to consider:


Whilst digital marketing offers excellent advertising opportunities, what it lacks is a ‘physical’ presence – people handed, or receiving, a professionally printed, smart-looking flyer or leaflet will always look at the content! Flyer printing produces something physical and tactile that people will handle and remember – they may see an online advert, but the image is easily deleted or ignored amongst the bombardment of marketing materials thrown at people every day on these digital platforms, but a physical leaflet or flyer is something people will read and in many cases retain, so being a regular reminder of the product, service or message you want them to have! People are comfortable with flyers and trust the information they contain so serve to create a ‘relationship’ with a customer, as well as effectively advertising your business!

Easy To Produce and Cost Effective

Flyers can be produced quickly and cheaply through an established print company – they cost a fraction of other advertising mediums such as online advertisements, and there is little financial risk attached to a flyer print run! You can easily design your business flyer on your own computer and even perhaps produce it on your home printer – but if you want your flyer to look professional, high end and to project your business in a positive light, then use an established print company to bring your design to printed life.


Ensure that your flyer design uses the available space effectively – trying to cram too much information on to a flyer or leaflet will make it difficult to read and won’t retain people’s attention. Ensure that your main message is clear and distinct, that your contact details (phone numbers, website, and social media platform addresses) are clearly visible and remember to make your ‘call to action’ prominent and bold! Use recognisable fonts and ensure the spacing makes it an easy read.

Marketing Advantage

The aspect of physically distributing printed flyers direct to people allows you to gauge any immediate reaction or response to your message and offers the opportunity to be directly interactive with prospective customer and clients, so you receive instant feedback allowing you to better hone any future marketing campaign.

Brand Reinforcement

Printed flyers allow you to introduce, or reinforce, your brand to prospective customers in a positive light – well-designed flyers highlighting your corporate name, logo, and colours can introduce your brand and engage with people whilst relaying your promotional message for your product or service. The physical leaflet or flyer displaying your corporate images will act as an ongoing advertisement to the individual for as long as they retain the flyer.

Key Message

Ensure that your main, or key, message is prominent and visible – the lack of space on a flyer is actually an advantage if it is well-designed – there is less room for over-complicated text and confusion and your message will stand-out and be more memorable! They are ideal marketing tools at business conferences and exhibitions as well as interactive high street or retail promotions.

Wide Reaching Impact

As with all marketing campaigns, research and decide upon your target market and distribute your flyers in the appropriate places and events – but the low-cost of production of printed flyers also allows you to ‘step outside’ of the specific marketplace and reach more general populace to further spread your corporate brand name and image. Including special offers opportunities on your flyers can encourage a whole new tranche of potential customers to further explore your business and its products and services.

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